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Natural text reader - Free High Quality voices to smoothly change your text to speech

Published: March 02, 2019 (03/02/2019)

A majority of the people prefer using a natural text reader tool for various purposes. It allows them to convert their text into a language and voice of their preference, and it can help them to revise a text material without having to read it or look at it. They can simply play the text on the application, and use quality voices for converting their text into speech. Natural Text Reader offers an array of services that allows the user to make the best use of the software. Let’s have a look at how Natural Text Reader can assist you with changing your text into a speech:

What is Natural Text Reader?

Natural Text Reader is introduced to a mass market audience, and it is designed to help the users to save time and excessive time strain that goes into reading a document. It also allows the users to improve their English writing, learning, and listening skills. The application allows the user to relax and sit back to listen to a text via converter software, and it takes excessive strain off their eyes.

Our natural text reader is equipped with high-quality and natural-sounding human voices, which is a bonus for the users of the application. The program is relatively easy to use, and it features a multi-program features to cater to the conversion and editing needs of the users. Also, the program also features an option for high quality audio output that could be derived in various audio file formats.

Advantages of using Natural Text Reader for multiple reasons:

Natural Text Reader could be used for commercial to personal to educational purposes. Let’s have a look at how you can make the best use of Natural Text Reader:

Text-to-speech for personal uses:

Text-to-speech makes an excellent tool for personal users. The users gain accessibility to listening to the converted text in any language and voice of their preference, and it makes a productive tool for those who want to use a text-to-speech tool for regular users.

We have introduced a solution that is pertinent to producing natural and real text-to-speech voices on the internet. Personal users often require a tool to help with the conversion of the text into a multitude of voices, and students and employees can utilize the software to their advantage for garnering feasible outcomes.

If you are using text-to-speech for personal uses then, it could be used for communicating the information to yourself and for communicating information to other people. However, we have observed that a majority of the people are using Natural Text Reader for having information conveyed to them. They extract text from online documents or web pages, and they submit the text to the converter engine for converting the text into audio immediately.

Text-to-speech for accessibility purposes:

It has been reported that nearly 800 million people across the globe are battling with a physical or mental disability, which sums up to 15-19% population of the world. Also, it has been surveyed that nearly 8 million people in the United States are diagnosed with a vision impairment problem, and they require depending on external means to have information delivered and communicated to them. The use of text-to-speech programs is particularly used for accessibility purposes, and it allows the people with a visual impairment to listen to e-books, emails, and e-text without having to pick up a book or looking at the computer screen. It has made information accessible to them, and it has also provided people with certain communication problems with a voice to speak with. The following are the ways that a text-to-speech program could be utilized for improving accessibility among its users:

  • Digital talking books
  • Audio enabled websites
  • Educational software
  • Augmentative & alternative communication (AAC) devices
  • Screen readers
  • Mobile applications

Text-to-speech for commercial use:

The text-to-speech technology has improved relatively over the years, and it has been integrated into several businesses for commercial uses. It has enabled the companies to interact with their customers in an innovative way. With the assistance of text-to-speech facility, the companies aren’t required to arrange for an expansive call centers for attending to the queries of the customers. Also, it saves them from the hassle of hiring voice actors for adding a voice to their products or applications.

Before the relative advancements made to the text-to-speech technology, it was less favored due to several distortions, alternations, and misrepresentation of the audio, and it did not win the approval of the users widely and easily. With the technical improvements made to the technology, a commercial business can integrate the feature into a product during its development stage, and it is good to go.

Our Natural Text Reader comprises of several features and options, which could be customized to meet the needs and expectations of the users on a magnified level. Our program is known for producing natural and realistic text-to-speech voices, and it can also be used for a wide array of commercial purposes, which has made it a top choice amongst several businesses and product applications.

Text-to-Speech for e-learning purposes:

The use of text-to-speech has grown drastically in the e-learning industry, and it has motivated the pioneers of the technology to make the applications more suitable for various e-learning programs. Traditional learning is on a verge of extinction, and a majority of the schools encourage teachers to use modern and technological tools for delivering a lesson to their students. A handful of educational institutes are adapting the technological advancements into its course, and they are integrating e-learning into its teaching portfolio.

The use of text-to-speech technology has grown prominent in the e-learning department, and it has been integrated to the following areas of e-learning:
  • Improved accessibility
  • Foreign language study
  • Online and cloud hosted programs
  • Comprehension and listening skills practice
  • Improved engagement with students

Why choose Natural Text Reader?

Natural Text Reader is introduced as a professional and modern text-to-speech application, and it is integrated with premium features that allow the conversion of text into speech in various formats. A user has the freedom to choose from a multitude of voices and languages, and it can choose from multiple features for improving the quality of the audio. You should consider choosing Natural Text Reader for the following reasons:

YouTube Videos Narration:

Natural Text Reader is equipped with premium-quality voice overs that allow you to listen to your favorite YouTube video in a language format of your preference. You can simply insert the URL of the video to the submission field in the application, and it would narrate the video to you.

Exclusive for creating e-learning material:

If you are creating e-learning courses, and you want to advance your e-learning courses via technological advancements, you can add our text-to-speech application to your courses for making it more accessible for your students.

Public use and broadcast

The use of text-to-speech technology has grown immensely for public and broadcasting uses. You can simply create high-quality videos by converting text into audio, and play it for your audience.

Mobile Applications

Listening to text files, e-books, and webpages has never been easier now. You can use our new and improved text-to-speech tool for enabling a conversion tool on your mobile applications. It allows you to access text to speech apps at the comfort of your smartphone, and you can enable the features the app by converting text into speech.

Improvement in Literacy Skills

Improve your literacy skills today by using our free text-to-speech tool. Download the application to your computer and improve your literacy skills and grammar with the assistance of the application.

Learn new languages

Natural Text Reader allows you to learn foreign languages and improve your foreign accent drastically.

In addition to these features, Natural Text Reader is also equipped with an online application that allows you to edit your saved audio files, and it allows you to download a converted audio directly to your PC or smartphone. The application tool comes with 50 premium voices and 18 different languages, which could be accessed in the application. In addition, the addition of the pronunciation editor allows you to manipulate and improve the speech, and you can control the speed and pitch of the speech accordingly. In a nutshell, this Natural Text Reader is so far the best invention of this century as it can benefit you in ways that you cannot even imagine. From preventing stress on your eyes to making it easy for you to read long documents, this reader can do wonders to you. The best and the most appreciable part about this reader is that it can be used for both commercial purposes and for personal use too. Believe it or not, such an amazing, smooth and versatile reader was required in the digital era we are living in and well, here we are with the natural text reader that can help you save a lot of your time when it comes to reading text.

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