Our service is 100% free and you can do 3 conversions per day with 300 characters in each conversion, and you can upgrade the plan to get unlimited with just $ 3.
Our service offers 33 different languages :

English (US), English (British), English (Australian), English (Indian), French, French (Canadian), Dutch, Danish, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Filipino, Finnish (Finland), Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (European), Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian.

We are working hard to add more languages soon.
Natural Text Reader includes access to 182+ natural-sounding voices from 33 different languages.
You need to upgrade your plan before you can distribute the audio file and use it in your videos or for commercial purposes.
To use the editor is pretty easy just follow these steps : 1. Select language.
2. Select voice.
3. Insert text to convert in text zone.
4. Click on "listen Button" to listen to the generated speech, or click download to download the generated audio.
This service generates audio files in mp3 format.
You can do 3 conversions per day with 300 characters in each conversion, and you can upgrade the plan to get unlimited.
There is no big difference between plans, only differences on the period and the maximum characters.
The basic plan offers a maximum of 500,000 characters in 15 days, and this plan is perfect for those who wish to test our services.
The business plan offer 1 000 000 characters, Unlimited audio storage, Unlimited Conversions ... for only one month.
f you are a freelancer or you have a youtube channel or you produce courses and your work depend on converting text to speech, then Professional plan is perfect for you with all features for one year with -20% off Without need to upgrade the plan every month!
The purpose of confirmation emails is to reduce fake email addresses, but sometimes the user does not receive the confirmation email and to solve this problem you need to check:
- Wait two minutes and refresh your inbox.
- Check your spam folder.
- Use trusted email providers like (gmail, yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail).
- You can log in using your google account.
- If you've taken all of these steps and haven't seen the confirmation email, you can contact us by filling out the contact form, and we'll activate the account manually for you.
You won't be charged anything else, you only pay when you need to use our a service.
Our website uses powerful tts technology to deliver high quality voices, just like human voices.
When purchasing a plan, you will have the right to add and publish the generated audio in your videos without copyright issues.
We currently accept PayPal payments and are trying to add other payment methods soon.
Long text takes a long time to be processed, please cut your text to small parts for quick processing.
The download button is disabled because you did not click the Listen button to generate the speech.
You need to click listen and wait for the speech to be generated, then the download button is activated to download the audio file.
You can find all the questions asked by users here. if you can't find what you need, Ask any question you want by filling this Form.