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Important Things To Know In Order To Stay Healthy

Health Admin Thursday, 21st of May 2020

Most of us nowadays know that fast food is a silent killer, for they are unhealthy, so the more you adjust to a healthy diet that contains good nutrition for your body the more you will live longer and it also requires changing your lifestyle in a better way, doing any kind of sports like driving into a swimming regimen or jogging for 20 min each morning and so on.


Fighting stress and trying to reduce it is also a way that could help you stay healthy taking into consideration the relationship between stress and other disorders so the less stress the healthier your body. More than that you have to make appointments every 6 months with a caring physician or a doctor, this will help prevent incoming diseases and on top of that, it is good to check up from now and then.


Practicing yoga is also a good way to make a balance between your mind and your body, it also enhances your mental. By doing all that is mentioned above you will surely maintain good health but you need to be consistent and stick to that healthy lifestyle.

Food is what makes your body. For example, if you are thin that means you eat less than you are supposed to and sometimes, it means you are under the average of your calorie intake so you should increase your calorie intake. On the other hand, obesity is an obvious sign that your calorie intake is higher than what it’s supposed to be, and your diet consists of junk food most likely, so you should lower your calories, as well as your carbohydrates, you need to eat more protein and more green food.


There are 3 types of body types, you need to identify yours and adjust to a diet that fits your body type. The first one is called the ectomorph, it is basically the definition of thin, even if the person eats piles of healthy food they would still look the same, they struggle adding weight or muscle, so if you have this body type and you want to fix it you should maximize your carbohydrates and fibers intake and start working out and you will be able to gain weight and muscle. The second type is called endomorph, those are the people who can add weight very fast, they have a very slow metabolism and even if they don’t eat a lot of food, they gain weight and fat. In this case, the only solution is lowering carbohydrates intake as much as possible because by eating fewer carbohydrates you are preventing your body from adding more mass and burning body fat to compensate. Last but not least, the mesomorph type, it’s called the body of champions, for the person has a good body shape and his muscle cells are very responsive to the workouts. With that being said, if you are a mesomorph, just stick to a healthy diet and your body will adjust quickly. Now that you know your body type, make a plan, stick to a diet that fits your needs, workout and be consistent with what you do and I guarantee you that you will see results whether you are aiming to gain weight or lose it, it does not make any difference because both need a lot of hard work.

If you are lazy about it you should know that your body shape makes at least 40% of your personality and when you are not in shape you are always in a state of insecurity and lack of self-confidence and sometimes having a very bad body shape could drive you to depression eventually because you try always not to open to the world by not dating or not making new friends, you try to be an introvert as much as you can because you are ashamed about yourself and insecure all the time which will lead you to a severe depression so the more you try to improve your body the more you will have that self-confidence and you will open up to the world and that is a healthy lifestyle. They say being healthy is better than being wealthy, so stick to healthy lifestyles.

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Important Things To Know In Order To Stay Healthy

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