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Natural Text Reader is a modern website and one of the successful projects created in early 2018 to offer text to speech conversion capabilities.

Now Natural text reader offer 50 natural voices 33 female and 17 male from 18 languages including english - french - German and many more, these voices are generated by our systems and our tts technology and they are very close to human voice, and We always try to add more voices and more languages to our system.

We offer now 4 plans to our great users, the prices are low because the website still new and they could be expanded in the future, free plan for new users to try our website and see our features, basic plan offer 500000 characters in 15 days with 6$ and this plan will not be avialable in future, also we have business plan with unlimited characters and unlimited audio storage with 10$ for one month, and we have an annual plan with -20% off with all features.

We always look forward to providing the best experience on our website and improving the quality of our services And this is impossible without your comments, questions and suggestions.

Start today, it's free!

Natural text reader is professional text to speech application for transforming your text and differents formats documents into spoken words, with many more features.

While you are subscribed, you can use our plateform for free with unlimited access to 50 voices from 18 different languages.

you can use the audio files in YouTube videos, e-Learning modules, public announcements or broadcasts, etc. free of charge