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All Audios & documents will be stored in our database and you can download or edit them anytime you want.

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Premium Voices

182+ Natural and high-quality voices from 33 different languages, including male and female voices.

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Pronunciation Editor

Control speed, rate, emphasis and pitch of speech by using our Pronunciation editor.

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Just a single click is required to convert your documents to (MP3) files.

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Get unlimited access today and do as many conversions as you want with your voice of choice.

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Add generated audios to your YouTube videos or commercial use without copyright issue.

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Male & Female Voices

We offer a variety of male and female voices in every language to suite your needs.

adding breathing and pauses to speech
Breathing & Pauses

You can add breathing sounds, longer pauses after each phrase. for natural voice.

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Cheap and Easy

Our plans offer a lot of benefits with affordable price, and easy to use.

Listen To Some
Breathtaking Voices

Natural Text Reader offer over 182 voices in 33 languages, and more voices will be added soon.
Don't wait to try them all.

Languages Name Gender Listen
English text to speechEnglish (US) Linda FemaleFemale
text to speech EnglishEnglish (US) William MaleMale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Jennifer FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Sarah FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Karen MaleMale
English US voiceEnglish (US) James MaleMale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Lisa FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Angela FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Robert MaleMale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Mary FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Michael MaleMale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Patricia FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Sandra FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Donna FemaleFemale
English US voiceEnglish (US) David MaleMale
English US voiceEnglish (US) Richard MaleMale
British text to speechEnglish (British) Sophie FemaleFemale
text to speech BritishEnglish (British) Megan FemaleFemale
British voiceEnglish (British) Jacob MaleMale
British voiceEnglish (British) Grace FemaleFemale
British voiceEnglish (British) Jaxon MaleMale
British voiceEnglish (British) Charlotte FemaleFemale
British voiceEnglish (British) Oscar MaleMale
British voiceEnglish (British) Dolly FemaleFemale
Australian text to speechEnglish (Australian) Thomas MaleMale
text to speech AustralianEnglish (Australian) Olivia FemaleFemale
Australian voiceEnglish (Australian) Amelia FemaleFemale
Australian voiceEnglish (Australian) Jack MaleMale
Australian voiceEnglish (Australian) Isla FemaleFemale
Australian voiceEnglish (Australian) Henry MaleMale
Indian voice English (India) Alisha FemaleFemale
Indian voice English (India) Vihaan MaleMale
Indian voice English (India) Reyansh MaleMale
Indian voice English (India) Amara FemaleFemale
text to speech French French Paul MaleMale
French text to speech French Suzanne FemaleFemale
French voice French Julia FemaleFemale
French voiceFrench Adele FemaleFemale
French voiceFrench Marie FemaleFemale
French voiceFrench Luis MaleMale
French voiceFrench Meline FemaleFemale
French voiceFrench Andre MaleMale
French voiceFrench Alice FemaleFemale
Canadian voiceFrench (Canada) Chloe FemaleFemale
Canadian voiceFrench (Canada) Jackson MaleMale
Canadian voiceFrench (Canada) Florence FemaleFemale
Canadian voiceFrench (Canada) Ethan MaleMale
Dutch text to speechDutch Amber MaleMale
text to speech DutchDutch Eline FemaleFemale
 Dutch voiceDutch Mila FemaleFemale
 Dutch voiceDutch Milan MaleMale
 Dutch voiceDutch Luuk MaleMale
 Dutch voiceDutch Fenna FemaleFemale
 Dutch voiceDutch Haven FemaleFemale
Danish text to speechDanish Lucas MaleMale
text to speech DanishDanish Anna FemaleFemale
Danish voiceDanish Alma FemaleFemale
Danish voiceDanish Noah MaleMale
Danish voiceDanish Clara FemaleFemale
Danish voiceDanish Frida FemaleFemale
German text to speechGerman Felix MaleMale
text to speech GermanGerman Amelie FemaleFemale
German voiceGerman Karin FemaleFemale
German voiceGerman Lucia FemaleFemale
German voiceGerman Anton MaleMale
German voiceGerman Max MaleMale
German voiceGerman Rosina FemaleFemale
Hindian text to speechHindi Sanjay FemaleFemale
Hindian voiceHindi Anika FemaleFemale
Hindian voiceHindi Nitesh MaleMale
Hindian voiceHindi Chanda FemaleFemale
Hindian voiceHindi Aryan MaleMale
Hindian voiceHindi Prisha FemaleFemale
Hindian voiceHindi Abeer MaleMale
Hindian voiceHindi Darpan MaleMale
Hindian voiceHindi Shefali FemaleFemale
Icelandic text to speechIcelandic Aron MaleMale
text to speech IcelandicIcelandic Iris FemaleFemale
Italian text to speechItalian Edoardo MaleMale
text to speech ItalianItalian Vittoria FemaleFemale
Italian voiceItalian Eleonora FemaleFemale
Italian voiceItalian Gianna FemaleFemale
Italian voiceItalian Gabriella FemaleFemale
Italian voiceItalian Dario MaleMale
Italian voiceItalian Marco MaleMale
Filipino voiceFilipino Alexa FemaleFemale
Filipino voiceFilipino Alyssa FemaleFemale
Filipino voiceFilipino Andres MaleMale
Filipino voiceFilipino Rodrigo MaleMale
finnish text to speechFinnish (Finland) Agnes FemaleFemale
Japanese text to speechJapanese Tatsuki MaleMale
text to speech JapaneseJapanese Shiori FemaleFemale
 Japanese voiceJapanese Yua FemaleFemale
 Japanese voiceJapanese Asami FemaleFemale
 Japanese voiceJapanese Haruki MaleMale
 Japanese voiceJapanese Isamu MaleMale
Korean text to speechKorean Seoyeon FemaleFemale
text to speech KoreanKorean Hayun FemaleFemale
Korean voiceKorean Chia FemaleFemale
Korean voiceKorean Hajun MaleMale
Korean voiceKorean Chiho MaleMale
Norwegian text to speechNorwegian Anja FemaleFemale
Norwegian voiceNorwegian Lillian FemaleFemale
Norwegian voiceNorwegian Arvid MaleMale
Norwegian voiceNorwegian Sigrid FemaleFemale
Norwegian voiceNorwegian Magnus MaleMale
Polish text to speechPolish Karol MaleMale
text to speech PolishPolish Jakub MaleMale
Polish voicePolish Laura FemaleFemale
Polish voicePolish Paulina FemaleFemale
Polish voicePolish Maria FemaleFemale
Polish voicePolish Jozef MaleMale
Polish voicePolish Bartek MaleMale
Polish voicePolish Barbara FemaleFemale
Polish voicePolish Mirka FemaleFemale
Portuguese text to speechPortuguese Pedro MaleMale
text to speech PortuguesePortuguese Julieta FemaleFemale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Miguel MaleMale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Leonor FemaleFemale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Antonia FemaleFemale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Diana FemaleFemale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Aline FemaleFemale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Angelo MaleMale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Antonio MaleMale
Portuguese voicePortuguese Aurora FemaleFemale
Romanian text to speechRomanian Elisabeta FemaleFemale
Russian text to speechRussian Peter MaleMale
text to speech RussianRussian Nikita FemaleFemale
Russian voiceRussian Annika FemaleFemale
Russian voiceRussian Alexey MaleMale
Russian voiceRussian Lada FemaleFemale
Russian voiceRussian Kirill MaleMale
Russian voiceRussian Katya FemaleFemale
Spanish text to speechSpanish Samuel MaleMale
text to speech SpanishSpanish Fernanda FemaleFemale
Spanish voiceSpanish Nicolas MaleMale
Spanish voiceSpanish Bianca FemaleFemale
Spanish voiceSpanish Emma FemaleFemale
Spanish voiceSpanish Mariana FemaleFemale
Spanish voiceSpanish Valentina FemaleFemale
Spanish voiceSpanish Alicia FemaleFemale
Spanish voiceSpanish Mateo MaleMale
Swedish text to speechSwedish Stella FemaleFemale
text to speech SwedishSwedish Susanne FemaleFemale
Turkish text to speechTurkish Zehra FemaleFemale
Turkish voiceTurkish Ceyda FemaleFemale
Turkish voiceTurkish Emre MaleMale
Turkish voiceTurkish Doga FemaleFemale
Turkish voiceTurkish Elvan FemaleFemale
Turkish voiceTurkish Erol MaleMale
arabic text to speechArabic Laila FemaleFemale
arabic voiceArabic Aicha FemaleFemale
arabic voiceArabic Badr MaleMale
arabic voiceArabic Amal FemaleFemale
arabic voiceArabic Aziz MaleMale
chinese text to speechChinese Zhiyu FemaleFemale
text to speech chineseChinese Biyu FemaleFemale
chinese voiceChinese Honghui MaleMale
chinese voiceChinese Chen FemaleFemale
chinese voiceChinese Jianguo MaleMale
chinese voiceChinese Lina FemaleFemale
chinese voiceChinese Jiahao MaleMale
chinese voiceChinese Guotin MaleMale
chinese voiceChinese Huan FemaleFemale
chinese voiceChinese Meilin FemaleFemale
chinese voiceChinese Lian MaleMale
chinese voiceChinese Seth MaleMale
Vietnamese text to speechVietnamese Bian FemaleFemale
text to speech VietnameseVietnamese Ngai MaleMale
Vietnamese voiceVietnamese Mai FemaleFemale
Vietnamese voiceVietnamese Quyen MaleMale
Indonesian text to speechIndonesian Arina FemaleFemale
text to speech IndonesianIndonesian Agung MaleMale
Indonesian voiceIndonesian Atok MaleMale
Indonesian voiceIndonesian Kamsiah FemaleFemale
Czech text to speechCzech Ada FemaleFemale
Greek text to speechGreek Zoey FemaleFemale
Hungarian text to speechHungarian Luca FemaleFemale
Slovak text to speechSlovak Alica FemaleFemale
Ukrainian text to speechUkrainian Galyna FemaleFemale

Easy & Quick Steps!

Follow these 3 Steps to convert any
text into Natural Speech!

Step 1

step 1
step 2

Type or Paste Your Text

Simply paste the text you want to convert into the text editor. Make sure to add the necessary punctuation marks to make your speech sound natural.


Step 2

step 2
step 2

Choose a language and a Voice

We offer over 182+ voices for you to choose from. You can preview each voice to hear and find the one that best fits your needs.

Also, you can add longer pauses in the speech and control the speed of speech.


Step 3

step 3
step 3

Generate & Download

In less than 10 seconds you’ll have your speech generated. You can play the speech directly from NaturalTextReader to see if you like it or you want to try a different voice.

After that, all you need to do is download your generated speech and use it for your projects

Simple as that!

Many Uses

You can use Natural Text Reader to create voiceovers for your:

Youtube Videos

High quality voices are available to make a fantastic YouTube video.

Educational Videos

Make it easier for auditory learners by creating your elearning courses using text to speech

Public Use and Broadcast

No need to show your face or to talk for online audiences, just create high converting videos

Mobile Applications

Listening web pages, ebooks and text files become easy by using text to speech apps

sales videos
Sales Videos

Sales video needs a trustworthy voice to capture buyer's attention and win your trust!

learn new languages
Learn New Languages

Natural Text Reader makes it easier for you to learn foreign languages

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